Friday, September 29, 2006

IVF Update

I just want to fall into a deep hole and never come up for air. I took my blood test today and no baby, not even a little one. Now, they want me to do a follow-up appointment and I just want to cry my eyes out. Here, I've been talking to the 3 embroyos for two weeks, hoping that they were listening and now, I just feel empty.

I wonder if it's me. Am I just not a good enough person to have a baby? Some mean, cold, heartless human being actually posted the following comment after I had posted a message wondering if God wants me to be a mom or not:
Maybe if you were faithful to God's commands he would bless you with a child. I mean, he did create men and women to procreate together. Since you have perverted the natural relationship he created in the very beginning, why would he bless your mess? Personally, I will pray he continues to prevent your empty womb. That child needs an environment that God intended - a mom and a dad.
Can you imagine anyone being so heartless and cold to actually pray another human being does not become a mother? Right at this very moment, if I had a gun and I knew who this person was, I'd kill them -- wait, no, I wouldn't need the gun. What a horrible, horrible thing to say and yet, now I'm filled with doubt, did this nasty person's prayers outweigh mine? Is this some minister or priest whom God thinks more of than me and so He granted his/her prayers over mine -- and the prayers of my friends, family and above all, my wife?

And, just what the Hell is wrong with me that I remembered this posting today or all days? That for one second, I'm actually taking it to heart? Am I really feeling that low?

For two weeks, I have refused the thought that I'm not preggers to cross my mind. I've refused to listen to any negativity. So, I'm giving myself today -- and maybe a part of tomorrow -- to mourn the loss of those three embroyos, but come Sunday, that's it. I'm only looking forward, not back. I'm concentrating on having a happy, healthy baby and nothing more. I am a good person and that nutcase is just that, a nutcase who should be ignored and pitied, not listened to and believed. God knows that I would make a good mother, not a perfect one, certainly not one as good as the mother of God, Mary, but I will be the best mom this world has ever seen. Maybe, He'll bless me with a biological child and maybe, He wants me to adopt, but I'm not giving up, so person who hates, wherever and whoever you are, I ain't broken yet -- nice try.

God Bless!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So. I was thinking about Jesus's main message. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I would have my hot neighbor perform felatio on me. Should I give her oral pleasure? I tried and she didn't like it very much at all. Also, I am suicidal. I would like others to kill me. Does that mean I should go on a seven state rampage? Anyways, I also work construction. I asked myself, "What would Jesus do?" one day at work. I ended up in a hospital with my hands nailed to some boards. Whoops. Thanks a lot, Jesus. I'd appreciate your input on this.

25 March, 2007 17:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good fuck that mormon ass-fuck. Mr. Mitt Romney listen to my voice and realize that you are a mormon, you are a republican, and you are dead wrong. Mitt Romney has withdrawn from the 2008 presidential race. UUU_RA. (semper fi) Mr. Romney semper fi as being always faithful doesn't mean believe in your powerful pocket book. Al Gore can raise enough money in a shake of the lambs tail to win the election of 2008. Would that give our global community the winning ticket, maybe-maybe not. But look at what he spent his 2007 year doing. Creating a devotional documentary on how to save the world. Not how to continue to escalate the right wing fling to money over righteousness. To me Mitt Romney (Lynn Tuala, Ahna D. Vaoifi Common Ground Realty) can be defined as this. Beauty School Drop Out(s). The Mormon Mafia can suck my D_I_C_K! Or in other words, you are a splinter group religion called the Mormons that once branched off from the true religion of the only accurate Doct-of Jesus Christ called by our founder Joseph Smith the Saints. Your two-to-six having wife disgraces should drop out of any political races. The powerful vs. those words of power. Words can be great, words can teach hate, or words can come from the Almighty Mr. Destinate.

How can I look internationally when I see the below referenced situation locally!! !!!!!!

To me all my current problems link back to a one link source issue of right and wrong. But judicially defined as an international fraud scam utilizing real estate mortgage falsifications to justify the excuse to balance the United States of America's National Trade deficit. However, we see that even this strategy failed due to our current loan-to-value debt to China. Good work Mr. George W. Bush..(NOT) Halliburton Non-Union Contracting enjoy your retirement. Burns and McDonnell Engineering "YOU CHOOSE POORLY!" As the cone-of-uncertainty boils down to evidential facts which are black and white points of reference confirming my voice of declaration from day one, show that this reason with or without a rhyme is the latter day shift of our outer limits of civilized impositions.

Some say leave this fact of all matter under the table. But that is what they say. I now submit an international challenge of evolutionary, scientific-whatever, and intelligent design perceptions to prove me wrong on this: Can anyone in the world prove that they fit the leading role-character of our Bible better than I? My name is Ryan Coday Jennings and I was born on 2-26-1976. 1st was 126, reincarnated we have 226 how heavy is your crucifix? Or maybe I just got hit over the head to hard. But lets look at these death-defying incidents, brutally assaulted with a basebal bat, and saved by the grace of god, tased 76 times, including fighting two Overland Park Manny Bounty Hunter thugs while they tazed me in the chest, didn't fall down, then I fought one, while being tazed in the brain stem multiple times, tased in the eyes, tased in the where ever they could. While 7 days after this 619 E. 97th Street Kansas City 64131 Missouri incident African American Taylor Marshall dies shortly after being tased one time by KCMO PD. Come on now! OK< how about the death defying paddy wagon excursion where Lisa and Michael Beach set-me-up to get incarcerated by KCMOPD where I was rolled three times in vehicle totaling accident. Last I heard I still don't have any broken bones. By the grace of god I was not only saved but given a job to ask all to repent for earthly sins in hopes of eternal life not only in the celestial heavens but potentially hear upon earth. I moved into a house with three roomates on November 11th 2007. [Acts 11:11] And, behold, immediately there were three men already come unto the house where I was, sent from Caesarea unto me. The list of signs goes on and on and on and theres just no stopping it. But the current war of good vs evil boils down to the book of revelations as follows:

OVERCOME THIS: Revelations 2:26 King James Version - Bible vs. Rev. 2:10 Just happens to be the corresponding birthdates of myself (226Ra vs 210set) Ryan C. Jennings vs. Jonathan T. Jennings Real Estate Fraud and Identity theft of biblical proportions. All else falls into the lines of being a saint or an attribute to obstructing justice. George W. Bush utilizted presidential authority for allowing this international real estate fraud to occur. However, is he to blame, (I say NO) each person had an earthly given chance to choose right verses wrong. Just because the door is opened to evil doesn't determine whom walks through that door. The time is now for those whom are responsible for global fraud to be held accountable and prosecuted for there crimes. Some say this is a revolution. I say this is a simple determination of judging righteous and wicked!

The below 1,2,3, or 246 requests for justice for assistance in nailing down details regarding the massive obstruction of justice for the above referenced case:

ABN AMRO Files Civil Suit in Kansas City

Three Defendants Previously Plead Guilty in Flipping Scheme

ABN AMRO Mortgage Group, Inc. filed a civil lawsuit in Kansas City, Missouri federal court against:

Pearl Mortgage Group Inc., Kansas City, Missouri;
Midtown Real Estate Holdings LLC, Kansas City, Missouri;
Jonathan Jennings Realty LLC, Kansas City, Missouri;
Jonathan Jennings, Lee�s Summit, Missouri;
Brighter Homes East Inc., Kansas City, Missouri;
Nathan Brinkle, Blue Springs, Missouri;
Adam Kerr, Lee�s Summit, Missouri;
Lee Ullman, Leawood, Missouri;
Equitable Title LLC, Overland Park, Missouri;
Platinum Mortgage Group II Inc., Kansas City, Missouri;
David L. Peterson, Overland Park, Missouri;
Daniel R. Peterson, Leawood, Missouri;
Peterson Appraisal, Leawood, Missouri;
Mary Jennings, Kingman, Arizona;
DDL Investment LLC, Overland Park, Missouri;
Phillip Thomas, Lee�s Summit, Missouri;
Thomas Appraisal Services Inc., Kansas City, Missouri.

3 Comments on Kansas City Voices

Supreme Order Request for a Simple Justice Task!

(This is at least the 26th Request for Assitance in being victimized in a federal real estate scandle of an extreme level.)

Please forward to the following: Linda Marshal Prosecuting Attorney for Kansas City Missouri's Federal Money LaundeRinG case. Jonathan T. (or P.) Jennings, Nathan Brinkle, and a lengthy list of defendants and Federal RaTs! Just Below are Referenced Links: In regards to the case I mentioned above. I should of been called in as a witness/victim. My name has been slaughtered with there scam. The money goes straight up through the fedral ladder of subversions, therefore I haven't seen any restitution! I pray for judgement that we will be able to weed out the bad apples in every organization! (OK, Jonathan Taylor Jennings looses his license, getting started on restitution, but lets get down to the nitty-gritty! I have been a witness to tons of victimization that missouri, or the feds haven't/won't dig-up!)

Tight Brief: I have been victimized by ID Theft! Signature Fraud! and Forgery! Assualt! Kidnapping! ETC. I have now. Bruatally restrained and beatin, multiple times with a golf club, while hoodlums requested they had a mortgage broker and a notary republic coming over shortly for me to sign my house over to. My blood covered the white carpet. And I was tortured with Rare Eagle Whiskey getting poured over my gushing wounds. I barely made it out the back door, as my good friend Chris Clark showed up at the front door request to see me. He saved my life!! !!!!!!

Current Situational Analysis: I have been now forced/bully'd out of two residental homes! Never Evicted but both cases had roll0 dumpsters placed infront of my house stealing all of my property within the location. Each time of these occcurences I was illegally incarcerated for whatever conspired Reason!
A detailed Partial Property List of assets and equipment that were stolen on these occassions was submitted to the Authorities ( Independence Missouri Police Department, Kansas City PD, Jackson County Sherrifs Department, and Blue Springs Detective!) Forget about KCMO PD for assistance, BLues springs is clueless, and Indep PD hasn't cooperated with my civil rights and liberties assisting in anyway retrieving my property.

Focus/Specific: to this submittal 227 W. Southside BLVD Independence Missouri 64055.

Informal Deductive Evidence/Logic: I was sold the home by Ahna D Vaoifi
Office: Common Ground Realty
Address: Previous Address: During Allocated Crimes: 123 S Main St

City, State & Zip: Independence, MO 64050-3702
Common Ground Realty
Current Address Listed Online!
819 N Dakota Dr
Independence, MO 64056 Map

Ahna Is a broker that was involved in investing/conspiring(unknown) with Jonathan T. Jennings and Nathan Brinkle of Brighter Homes. Ahna purchased approximately 10 houses, of which they flipped to her. She lost lots of equity, however Jonathan and Nathan assumably paid her off! This is concatinated by the simple fact that she donated ove $300,000 to the City of Independence Missouri during that time period.

Chronological order of a partial known list of Fraud!

1. I was sold the 227 Residence without an appraisal value given to me as requested.

2. There was no safety/structure inspection done on the property. Therefore the location was never deemed a safe living dwelling for myself and my daughter.

3. Shortly after moving in, my insurance company dropped me from coverage for structural damage on the roof, the roof's frame, and the covering. Re-coverage was denied until I out of pocket rehabilitated the issues illustrated.

4. The mortgage loan was then fraudulantly sold from Argent to AMC, or vice-versa, and somehow ended up with Duetz Loan and Savings. This transfer was fraudulantly transfered utilizing, fraudulant signature of myself (Ryan Jennings) however, the ID theft and Alias was signed as Ryan Jennings Single Female.

4. I was never evicted. Or given the proper steps toward eviction.

While I was illegally incarcerated on multiple occassions between Blue Springs, Independence, and Kansas City Jurisdictions.

I had a mormon contractor illegally hire a roll-off dumpster infront of my home. She then directed a team to steal my property, computers, church documents passed down from my Grandfather Ralston F. Jennings 7-7-1911 Evangelist (Saints COC), furniture etc.

The mormon contractor was Lynn Tuala: - Listings by Category - Real Estate > Real Estate Agents

Contact: LYNN TUALA, ANNA VASQUEZ 831 S NOLAND INDEPENDENCE, MO 64050 Phone: 816-833-7653 Fax: 816-833-7676 We would like to help you with your real estate

6. Independence, MO Pd aided and abided to her proceeding. Never submitting anypaperwork, and she quoted she was hired by a different mortgage financer each time.

7. Keys to my location. My neighbor's Lamerle Zigginhorn (maiden name) has a grandaughter that married the son/employee of Gregg's Lock and Key. Gregg's Lock and Key was hired (by me) to replace the locks on all doors including garage/shed after I moved in. I had (before carpet fire damage) video coverage of her son-in-law utilizing the key to illegally enter the residence.

8. Denied Letter of incarceration by the City of Independence Missouri Police Department. This request was for the proof that I was incarcerated during my last opportune time to submit a motion to set-aside-default judgement regarding my foreclosure. Not only my foreclosure, but also a falsified ex-parte filed by Lisa Beach, whom was an ex-employee at my RJ's Restaurants LLC business DBA Suzi's located at 408 E. Bannister Road Kansas City Missouri, 64131. As submitted to Indep Mo PD and KCMO PD Lisa Beach and her father Mike Beach illegally enterred my home (while illegally incarcerated; see next bullet item) and later informed me they were saving my property from other bands of thieves. However, I never got the bulk of the merchandise back. Including but not limited to original church documentation, employment W2's that were all error/partial not complete for mailing 2005,2006 employees.

9. KCMO PD illegally incarcerated me while I was on my way out of town to texas delivering construction equipment that I had previously sold online. While incarcerated KCMO PD and jackson county had me listed as multiple SSN's, multiple middle initials and spellings of my name (aliases).

10. Shortly after being placed into a KCMO paddy-wagon I was their passanger of a totaling-the-van, death defying accident. Not sure of the details. But I believe it rolled over at least 3 times on the grandview triangle 71 highway and 4-35. While receiving treatment at Saint Lukes South Plaza Kansas City location I was denied a phone call to my family informing them of the accident. I was also denied the ability to urinate.

11. While receiving a cat scan, or other type of medical assessment, I had a KCMO PD officer come in and issue me a violation for possession of a controlled substance, paraphernalia. However, I wasn't issued this ticket at the scene or even discussed the possibility. The supposed drug paraphernalia was deductively planted by the KCMO Kansas City Missouri Police Department.
This was the KCMO South Patrol.

12. The falsified ex-parte issued by Lisa Beach, and another by Mike Beach were submitted after several attempts of retreiving stolen property estimated in the amount of $4278.26 or greater. KCMO PD South Patrol and Independence Missouri Police Department were not cooperative at assisting me in the situation. I invovled them each time I went to retrieve stolen propert from the following South Kansas City address/location:

117 E 113TH ST

13. I was assaulted and mugged, blind-sided, by supposed Tama Johnson Mormon Neighbor. In the incident I was knocked un-1conĚscious after being hit over the head with a baseball bat. The Independence Police Department wouldn't make a report of the case due to the infraction of me having an outstanding warrant. I am unsure, but I speculate that the warrants were ID theft, falsified, or in some way, involved in harming a witness-defendant-victim to illegally get to a warrant status. NO CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATED WAS Completed. INDEP PD didn't cooperate with securing a brutal crime in there community!

14. I pray for judgement that the appropriate authorities will cease-and-desist the on-going, crimes keeping me from the residential home that I purchased for the goal of raising my daughter Elle (Abrielle) Dawn Jennings in. This fatherhood is currently motioned to order joint-legal custody of Elle. However, the above listed crimes and brutal conspired blood trail has denied me the honor and priviledge in doing so.

To Be continued!


Ryan Coday Jennings
227 W. Southside BLVD
Independence, MO 64055

p.s. God Bless

Amendment Containing Additions and Edits (To my case/account load) Furthermore referred to as the Ryan C. Jennings Legal Proceeding Project.

Chronological order of a partial known list of Fraud!


Therefore, a fraudulent sale of 227 W. Southside BlVD. By Common Ground Realty to Ryan C. Jennings.

15. A huge fear I have that is a potential risk to my success and un-affected by conspiring to commit fraudulent obstruction of justice to my project. Is some of my stolen property could at this point be detrimental to a set-up of a staged crime. As follows:

Attachment Related to Theft of Assets:

Product Asset List from theft: INDEP PD REPORT AT 227 W. Southside BLVD 1-14-2007: Rare Collection of Coins, both purchased for resale and family heirlooms. Most of which I have named and had already sent into independence police department. Some of the coins were worth a significant amount of money!

.22 caliber pistol revolver brand Taurus being stolen from my house! I didn't have the pistol registered, however my fingerprints where on the gun. The gun was part of a souvenirs collection I owned. I also had a family .22 caliber rifle that was an heirloom.

Rare books that were both purchased for resale. And more importantly family a heirloom/religous collection. Some books were stolen on or before 1/14/2007 and some were placed illegally/stollen by Lynn Tuala when she hired a fraudulent company with a roll-off dumpster.


Good Day!

I have submitted several pieces of an encompassing puzzle that is slowly fitting together! Any assistance in this matter will be appreciated.

Regarding my forclosure case at my primary residence of 227 W. Southside BLVD Independence Missouri 64055. I finally retrieved a default judgment notice of which Duetz Loan and Savings has attempted to fraudulently sieze my home. However, their have been a mixed mess of variables either contributing or altering the civil procedure according to the eviction process of Jackson County Missouri, Independence Missouri.

I noticed that I was given a 30 day window after the default judgement to either submit a motion to set-aside, or/and retrieve pack-up and move my property. I was released from Integrity Correctional Facility prior to the 30 day window being complete to find a roll-off dumpster hired by Lynn Tuala, containing all of my furniture, clothing, property, etc. The Independence Police Department was called several times while I was attempting to figure out the missing details in the cone of uncertainty. IndepPD responds to all calls they get regarding civil allegations. However, they looked as puzzled as I when it came to what was going on.

The fact of the matter is that Lynn Tuala Illegally hired a work crew, stealing my property, and taking away my civil liberties, and constitutional rights. Not to mention forgot to follow the terms and conditions authoritatively guided by Jackson County Missouri. My property has therefore been stolen, and I have been victimized extremely. I am homeless and have little to no finances to hire an attorney to try to regain my property and assets that were illegally removed. Please help me resolve this conflict with the most peaceful outcome possible.


Ryan C. Jennings

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SOS World

To the parties of concern,

Once again I ask!

Will the United States Department of Justice, The State of Missouri, Jackson County, and the City of Independence Missouri Police Department not respond to any evidential facts that I have risked my life to rectify?

I have sent substantial amounts of black and white facts regarding the following cases:

Senior Services Abuse:
1410 N. Liberty Independence Missouri 64055 Ralston and Edna Jennings (Ralston now deceased!)
Emissions, will tampering, life insurance fraud, illegal quit claim deeds, etc.... Robert Fisher never purchased lot 89 and 90 and was illegally entered into the Jackson County system. Probable cause!!!!!! Missouri Department of Gas and Energy has a report to back up my findings. As well as several witnesses.

619 E. 97th Street Kansas City Missouri 64131
Where my name (Ryan C. Jennings) was illegally/fraudulantly-forged signed refinancing possibly more than once without my permission. Jackson County Recorded Documents is public informaiton.

227 W. Southside Independence Missouri 64055
Where my house illegally went through foreclosure, but even prior to my name was either copied, or illegally used to sell mortgage, in which I was referred to Ryan Jennings (single female) I am a 31 year old single Male! I was never given an eviction, yet the city of Independence Police department aided to allowing an unauthorized party remove all my property, documentation, computers, etc. into a roll-off dumpster.

Just prior to the property being removed: I was held hostage and beatin with a golf-club multiple times, with a paid-off band of hudlums asking me to sign my house over to unidentified parties. The Independence Police Department wanted me to come in and make a police complaint regarding the incident. I did agree that was needed. However, I complained over the phone to a detective that I had several other chronological order of cases to be attended to first. They only asked me to come in and sign my name to the case that would put my life in the most jeopardy.

Independence PD Absolute Lack of Justice: I was mugged while assulted by being hit over the head with a baseball bat in which Indep PD would not pursue a crime scene investigation, had cell phones taken while in police custody, along with Wallet, credit cards, passport, social security card, laptop(s), and my life literrally turned upside down with little to no assistance from immediate authorities.

As my cases are lined up in a chronological order of events it is informal logic to trace the money/blood trail back to the source. I am will to cooperate in any way possible to move on with productive life. Even if that means a respectable party discussing my alternatives and causes and affects of the resolutions.

Please Contact me ASAP via email!

Ryan C. Jennings
227 W. Southside BLVD

p.s. The above are just a cliffnotes version of my stress, lets not mention the KCPD paddy wagon rolling me over in a back breaking accident, when I wasn't even allowed to piss, call my mother, or given rights that are constitutionally required! I am FED up!

p.s.s. God Bless! and Remember to tell your kids how proud you are of them daily.

09/01/2007 04:18 PM by Ryan C. Jennings

O.K. Like these bastards that have left many innocent victims homeless have a conscious. They have fat pocket-books, therefore don't give a fuck about any charges that are coming there way. For example Jonathan Jennings is my brother. I heard he and that faggot ass little bitch Nathan Brinkle bragging constantly about how they could buy there way out of anything. Well after they got there 6-months of house arrest for a 30year federal bit, I guess they are right. Well to me Right and Righteous are two different things. And to me, they are scum. However, so is Ms. Linda Marshal the Prosecuting attorney on there case. I sent her information long ago regarding me being victimized by these mortgage hustler punks. Jonathan Jennings, Nathan Brinkle, and Anna Jennings have utilized Attorney Les Wight to Kill, Lie, deceipt, and scam money in a various of ingenious ways. Well lets pray to the blogging GODS that there run around town is downed soon. Les Wight utilizes his attorney/jackson county knowledge and pull to fraudulent load the Jackson County Website Database full of bull-shit benefeciary deeds, quit-claims, and white collar theft that has left a few dead, many out of personal assets, property foreclosures, which all result in a crime called conspiracy to obstruct justice in a biblical reported ration. That is Fuck these bastards. I have contacted the FBI and get the run-around, I have contacted George Bush, and he had a problem looking me eye-to-ey, I contacted the senior services abuse division of the state of missouri, in which John Carter has attempted to investigate a case I submitted regarding my grandfather Ralston Jennings and his fraudulent deed that Jonathan Jennings, Les Wight had forged Robert Fishers Name on. Mr. John Carter was turned down information from the City of Independence Missouri Police Department regarding evidence that I previously submitted to them regarding the case. Well JESUS FUCKING CHRIST ALREADY. Who is paid off, needs to be soon laid off. My dick-fuck brother Jonathan Jennings and Nathan Short Dick Brinkle used to brag that there fraud scam ring had bribes that went straight up to our past Mayor for Kansas City Missouri Kay Barnes. Well fuck that CUNT. I was working for Burns & McDonnell Engineering Firm while I had a project with the stormwater water services division. This project was a small piece of a large master service agreement that Burns & McDonnell Engineering Firm has with the City of Kansas City Missouri. I can imagine if Jonathans bribes went straight up to Kay Barnes, and I was a potential harming witness to there fraud scam, then Kay probably had something to do with me getting fired from Burns & Mac just weeks after landing a 3.5 million dollar GSA Schedule 70 Contracting Medium. That just didn't add up, until I had a bit of time to reflect things that make you go HUMMMMMMM. Fuck Kay Barnes, Fuck Jonathan Jennings, Fuck John and Nathan Brinkle, I want to fuck lish Brinkle, but who hasn't, and Burns & McDonnell get ready to say not cheese, but settle! God Bless! Ryan Jennings 2-26-1976

10/10/2007 03:04 PM by Ryan Jennings

Victimized by a Internet Fraud or an Excuse for the INDEPENDENCE MISSOURI TO Commit
"Detective Meadows Indep PD!" vs. "Ryan C. Jennings"

I have been victimized by a bullshit class C Felony that Detective Meadows of the Independence Police Department reports as a Forgery. Well JESUS CHRIST already, I submitted several documents that are a federal level of Real Estate Forgery that has victimized my lively hood harming my ability to freely live as a citizen of the United State of America.

Independence Claims to be a federal City that resides in the State of Missouri. Well this state of the Union address/blog will only illustrate my obstacles in which I face trying to relay the truth to the proper authorities.

Hello my court date is the 17th of October as follows from

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2007 Judge/Commissioner Time Day Setting Event JEFFREY LYNN BUSHUR 9:00 AM 1 OF 1 Preliminary Hearing Event Text: Location:DIVISION 33 CRIMINAL/TRAFFIC Independence Criminal/Traffic

I was victimized in this US Postal money order scam by selling products online. I was shocked when I received a charge for the incident. I spoke to the FBI regarding the case and they informed me to send my attorney as much supported material as possible detailing the scam, and how I fit in as a victim rather than a defendant. Attached is some related material. I hope you have received my case.file.


Ryan C. Jennings

p.s. Link to the New York Times article of the identical Internet US Postal Money Order Fraud Scam: New York sees whos responsible, Independence Detective alters the blame to me ?????? ?????? ?????? FUCX

Follow-up: To me, Detective Meadors needs to have a case of justice brought upon him for the crime of conspiracy to obstruct justice in what I have already reported as evidence in several federal real estate fraud cases. Why they keep wasting time and pushing pause in this world of crime in which we live is beyond me. My word is of black and white text that illustrates crimes that others have comitted that violate me. But detective meadows gets a paycheck from the City of Independence Missouri. Therefore it is obvious that the IndepPD is still a remaining variable on the dark side of this end of days war called wicked vs the righteous.

Why I cry is the Reason Detective Meadors will never play the Guitar like Steve Vai,
Thus my eye-to-ey gains another stye, but this blog will destine his ticket out of our world, say good-bye, Detective Your a Wrong-Song guy, Thats why I cry, and you'll continue to falsifly the lie, I'm telling you why, so forever don't wonder why!
I cry, and you'll never play the guitar like Steve Muther Fucking Vai, Say Goodbye, Mr. Money Can Buy!! !!!!!!

Ryan Jennings

10/15/2007 03:05 PM by Ryan Jennings

23 February, 2008 01:33  
Anonymous RyanJ said...

SOS! I have been through an absolute nightmare of trying to get assistance on this messy conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Here is another illegal and very threatening situation.

Whith out my authorization someone accessed my paypal account adding a bank account and used a local kansas city missouri address for the confirmation. The address used is 8804 Holmes Kansas City MO 64114. I have tried to report other attempts for unknown parties have tried to wire money or setup accounts in my name using stolen cell phones and unknown addresses. this account was previously locked up for unrelated business/personal activities. Please assist me in restoring my accounts and investigating the parties responsible for this fraud. It has not only jeopardized my lively hood but has placed me in a state of uneasiness regarding little to no assistance from my previous attempts at calling, emailing, and mailing in evidence related to my situation.

Whith out my authorization someone accessed my paypal account adding a bank account and used a local kansas city missouri address for the confirmation. The address used is 8804 Holmes Kansas City MO 64114. I have tried to report other attempts for unknown parties have tried to wire money or setup accounts in my name using stolen cell phones and unknown addresses. this account was previously locked up for unrelated business/personal activities. Please assist me in restoring my accounts and investigating the parties responsible for this fraud. It has not only jeopardized my lively hood but has placed me in a state of uneasiness regarding little to no assistance from my previous attempts at calling, emailing, and mailing in evidence related to my situation.

I have tried to explain the variables to multiple people. One is Patty McGinnis on 2706 Beverly Circle INdependence MO 64055

Paypal. IndepPD, KCMO, I haven't contacted Paypal regarding the fraud due to not knowing the exact details or proper way to restore my acccount and be held as a victim, or even worse setup for crimes I didn't do.
here is the link to my myspace page which has a picture of the 8804 Holmes property. I used google maps to refer and make sure this wasn't anything to do with me.

17 November, 2008 16:43  
Anonymous Ryan Jennings said...

This one goes out to Microsoft, the DEA, and more specifically INdepMO detective agent working out of the Kansas DEA office. Mr. Bob West was a good friend of my parents at our home church congregation. He was someone I looked up to very much.

However, I think he owes me an explanation for why he and my mother Anna Jennings conspired to take away my civil liberties and constitutional freedoms as a citizen of the United States of America.

I found an email message from Bob West to my mother saying. "All we have to do is get Ryan to say he wants to hurt himself or someone else infront of someone and he will no longer have a choice, we can have him commited for psych review." What the heck mr. West I can't believe that you did this action simply from heirsay and my mothers request. However, whatever she told you was totally false and was only done to block my attempts at reviewing evidence regarding how They used my names illegally in their corruption organized money laundering scam!

You took me away from my business, causing me to close on a busy day. Didn't even let me get my kitchen worker out of my house which was locked. You told me he could crawl out of the window. I had 357 magnum pistol that belonged to my father and I expressed worry about getting it stolen if I was to follow your request to get in your car or suffer potential arrest. I wasn't under any warrant status and you definitely caused me very much loss of property, money, and time. As I worried I got robbed while you took me away!

Remember you power-eyed me and said Ryan "If you get out of my car you are going to get thrown to the wolfs!" Well I don't know what your definition of a wolf! But I would look in the mirror if I was u! Hey about when you saw me walk into your office and ask for assistance in cleaning up my business. You turned me away!

Hey I don't know how much power you wolves have but I thought is was unbelievable when my complete email account was deleted with now explanation. And Jesus microsoft couldn't even provide a backup or restoration solution. But I did see that law officers can access MSN or hotmail accounts.

Mr. West I still have a copy of that email, would you like to come over and look me in the face as we read it? You big bully!

17 November, 2008 17:09  
Anonymous RyanJ said...

OK finally I am going to put some of the links up for everyone to see and judge for themselves if I had a right to act a bit crazy at times. This is my public accessible myspace page that has a few black and white pieces of documentations illustrating my ID theft, signature fraud, and much more. Please leave comments and tell me your advice on how to proceed. Thus I only get deaf and dumb stares when I ask why these actions where committed. They definitely have violated by rights and freedoms.

copy the below link into your browser of choice!

not sure if this HTML link will work!
Click here for myspace page of evidential facts that I have been denied proper investigations

17 November, 2008 18:17  

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